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Get Paid On Time

Six Secrets for Working with Insurance Companies and Patients

eBook - Get Paid Fast

Find out how to spend less time talking to insurance companies and how to get more patients to pay on time.


Demo: Insurance Manager - Eligibilities Made Easy

See how to track your electronic claims from inception to reimbursement and become a more paperless practice.


No More Eligibility Management Headaches

With Insurance Manager, it’s like you always have a dedicated insurance research assistant in your office! You can automatically collect insurance eligibilities in advance of your appointments so your staff is more prepared for the appointment and better able to discuss treatment plan options. Spend less time on the phone tracking electronic insurance claims and checking insurance eligibilities and more time providing exceptional patient care.


Statements That Reflect Your Practice

QuickBill statements are not only cost-effective―they’re professional and efficient. Each dental billing statement has a perforated top portion and a remittance envelope. You can change any of the displayed information, such as accepted credit cards and line-item descriptions. You can even customize the invoice color and add your contact information and logo, all from within the dental billing software interface.


Simplify Claim Submission

eClaims is the only electronic insurance claim service that is part of your EasyDental software. No more bridges, third-party patches or hassles. With a click of the mouse, all of your dental insurance claims and attachments are sent directly to your payors. Plus, if you need help, the eClaims support team is ready to help you with everything from claim creation to reimbursement.