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Verifying Dental Insurance Eligibility

With the growing popularity of PPO plans, many patients can now choose among several dental care providers, so attracting these patients becomes ever more difficult. Turn the challenge of determining and tracking patient benefits into your opportunity to rise above the PPO crowd.

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Rise Above the Crowded Field

With several dental practice options available to your potential patients, it’s paramount to stand out from the crowd. Most dental insurance plans - about 82 percent - have become preferred provider (PPO) plans. This means their enrollees have a choice of many dental care providers.

Your office workflow can sometimes (if not always) feel dominated by sorting out each patient’s dental insurance plan. However, Easy Dental will help you manage the dental insurance process and become more efficient and profitable.

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Verify Dental Eligibility to Avoid Frustration

Only about half of dental offices verify insurance before providing care to their patients. This should sound alarm bells in your head! Verifying dental insurance ahead of time allows your dental practice to have the best protection against denied claims and frustrated patients.

Easy Dental makes insurance eligibility verification easier and hassle-free so you get paid and your patients are happy!

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Speed Up Your Dental Practice With Electronic Verification

Non-digital insurance management methods slow down your practice immensely and eat up several hours of your day.

With Easy Dental, you’ll have instant access to insurance information for new or returning patients before, after and during their dental appointment. Your dental practice will even be able to update eligibility status prior to each patient’s appointment so you can answer any questions a patient has regarding their insurance plan.

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