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Improving Dental Billing & Collections

How often do you provide treatment and not collect payment? How much stress does the traditional way of creating and sending billing statements cause your team? How many bills remain unpaid after a month or more?

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Find Solutions for Billing & Collections

One of a dental practice’s main challenges is billing and collections. This should be an easy task in theory. Your practice provides treatment, charges a service fee and collects a patient’s payment. Within the dental industry, a common goal is to collect 50 percent of your fees at the time of service. Does that seem realistic to you? It’s a goal within reach!

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Defy Tradition with Automated Billing

When patients don’t pay at the time of their dental service, how much time, money and energy does your team have to spend later to try to collect that payment? Printing statements, stuffing envelopes and probably several phone calls take up your team’s precious time.

Using your Easy Dental software to send statements directly from your practice management system, you can minimize or eliminate this stressor on your team altogether!

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CareCredit is integrated with easy dental 12.1 and above

CareCredit and Easy Dental’s software applications ‘talk’ to each other to help make your practice run smoother.

CareCredit transactions are processed within Easy Dental and automatically write back to your Accounts Module. Similarly, patient information is auto-transferred back from Easy Dental to CareCredit’s system.

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